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Sylvia Marina is known for her ability to engage and inspire audiences. 

Her focus is re-connecting people to their entelechy, wisdom and values.

I work with private clients, present short affordable seminars plus longer deeper workshops and retreats. I mentor people who wish to catapult themselves into getting quicker, lasting results. What's compelling is how grand the results have been as a result of connecting you to the ‘heart energy’ of your life and your business.

It's beautiful to see people “Getting The Results They Want” in all areas of their life.

Sylvia Marina - Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Known.
Guest Speaker at Business Women Today.Perth. Western Australia.


Sylvia has confirmed speaking engagements, conference and seminar bookings. If you are considering inviting Sylvia to your event, school or institution contact her now.

Conference Speaker

Audiences love her voice, speaking style, honesty, enthusiasm, insight, and energy. A wife, mother and business woman,  Sylvia's message speaks to people who intend to live lives of meaning, contribution, joy, wealth and achievement.
Montmelo Kinesiology Conference                                                            
Keynote Speaker, Barcelona, Spain.
A leader of leaders, “I attribute so much of my success to being in the right place at the right time... As a young mother I was completing studies in Natural Medicine and Behavioural Science when I had the opportunity to introduce practical kinesiology to Western Australia and in 1984 opened the first kinesiology adult learning school in Perth.

By invitation speaking opportunities launched my career on radio, television, parent groups, corporate companies and then to national and international conferences and events.

In addition to my health school and family practice clinic, by invitation I became program director and emcee for wellness programs for cancer patients working with medical professionals creating and presenting five day retreats in Western Australia and Singapore.

Now, invitations to present around Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA, Europe, Russia, Spain... so many people,  families , business’s and communities making change for the better.

I love audiences and I look forward to meeting you as a seminar participant
or speaking at your next event.”

Author of 6 books, Sylvia is also the designer and creator of  several relaxation  and meditation  CD's and audio training programs, Sylvia constantly updates her programs.                 

Her expertise is educating people to be self responsible, empowering and inspiring change.

Sylvia has shared the personal growth and business platform with Jim Rohn, Wayne Berry, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Alan Pease... and many internationally renowned speakers.

Testimonial: Sylvia Marina is a master educator who gently, patiently and compassionately leads people through their darkness to happier and healthier lives. Her programs work like magic, transforming conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves so  cleverly and completely that we become the person we were meant to be, sometimes without even realizing we have arrives there. I will be eternally grateful to have found Sylvia and her work, for I know that darkness will never again linger in my life. Fran Maunton. Perth, Western Australia.

Whether it is a small intimate dinner party, an event of 30 or 300 plus people, Sylvia has a style that gets the message to your people.

Event Comments.

Sylvia thank you for your presentation. You speak from the heart and you do it so well. Wayne Berry CEO, Top Gun Business Academy International

Sylvia, from all of us at Global SWAP many thanks for your contribution as Speaker on the opening day. Your message was greatly received from all present and at times you could hear a pin drop as they soaked it up.
Charlie Nicols. Laos.

Thank you to Sylvia for an informative and entertaining presentation. I don't think anyone left the night without taking away some new found knowledge and having a good laugh. 
Debra Barber -MAIOP - Australian Institute of Office Professionals.  


Completely different – haven’t done anything like this EVER. It brought our team closer and more aware of each others behaviour.  LOVED IT.
Sylvia is just wonderful, extremely personable, relaxed, knowledgeable and entertaining.

Lindsay Davies Moore. International Office of Business & Law.
Edith Cowan University. Joondalup West Australia.

Sylvia inspires people to push past limiting factors, to use every talent, grasp every opportunity to develop the very best in themselves, and in so doing leave a positive example for future generations.
South West Leadership Conference.         

Sylvia Marina's presentation at our conference was refreshing, entertaining, memorable and appropriate for everyone in education.
I only wish the organisers had placed her earlier in the conference so we could have practiced the skills she gave us as we interacted with each other.
Cindy, Tasmania.TSAA

Sylvia Marina's presentation style, the way she 'tells a story' making  it feel as if you were there witnessing some of her life experiences is truly magical. She held the room of over 100 people in the palm of her hand. Sylvia has a gift of assisting you to see things in a different light to that which you normally do, feel things you normally don't and realising there is more around us in this beautiful world we live in.  The feeling in the room as she guided us through a visualisation, was something words cannot describe. You had to be there. I feel honoured to have experienced this and the ovation and applause she received at the end, though plentiful  seemed almost inadequate. Everyone  will remember it as a very special event.
Robyn Stitt. Medical Professional. South Australia                                 

Sylvia, please keep space in your diary to come to us again. You opened new professional awareness. You gave us competencies that we could use immediately - that is the difference between your teachings and being lectured to. We appreciate the way you involved everyone, you have a style where every student learns.  Svetlana, Psychologist. Vladivostok, Russia.

Hands on Experience:

  • Conference Speaker, Natural Medicine, Behavioural Science, Wholistic Management, Physiognomy plus an additional 19 complementary methodologies.    
  • Principal, New Image Health School
  • Founder, Touch For Health Association of West Australia WA - changed to AKAWA, Australian Kinesiology Association of WA Inc.
  • Founding Member AKA, Australian Kinesiology Association Inc.
  • First Principal, International College Specialised Kinesiology
  • Honorary MC and Presenter, Balya Health Retreats for Cancer Patients & Carers in West Australia and Singapore - 6 years
  • Youth Swap (Students With A Purpose) and the I’m Special Program working with youth, building self esteem, social skills and life journey practicalities – 10 years
  • Television Guest Celebrity
  • Chair, International Grief Support Foundation Inc.
  • Chair, Business SWAP WA.
  • Chair, Business Women Today Inc.
  • Board Member, International Kinesiology College - Personal Development School                                                                                     

Honorary Doctorate International Professionals 2001                                 
Fellow (Hon) Australian Kinesiology Association Inc.                     
Fellow Business Swap International                                                                          Fellow & Honorary Life Member Business Swap WA                                               2014 & 2015 Influential Person of the Year within Perth's Small Business Community
2016 Leader of Influence Award Within Perth's Small Business Community  
2016 Global Soulful Communicator Award.

Executive Director:
Heart Leaders Academy
International Grief Support Foundation Inc.
Business Swap WA Inc
Business Women Today Inc

Accredited Professional Member:
Australian Traditional Medicine Society Inc -ATMS #0778
International Association Specialized Kinesiologists-IASK              
Touch For Health Instructor's Association – TFHIA

Business Swap WA Inc
International Grief Support Foundation Inc.
Business Women Today Inc                                                        
WA Marae Inc.

Past Accredited Member:
National Speakers Association 
Featured in various media and publications -
Channel Nine Television
Sunrise Channel Seven National Television
Today Tonight National Television
The Australian Newspaper
The West Australian Newspaper
Business News
Community TV
ABC radio, local and regional
Australian Institute Office Professionals National Publication 
In Touch Magazine
Options Publication – New Zealand
Conscious Living Publication Cover Page & Interview Story
EmVee Magazine - Indonesia
IKC - Spain, Barcelona
Cancer Support WA
IASK - Denmark, Copenhagen
Motivating Your Mind                                                                                            

Nifnex Business & Lifestyle                                                                  
SK Mag - Specialised Kinesiology Magazine
Oxford UK - KF Federation
Rural, Regional, Remote, Women's Network of WA.

PRIVATE CLIENTS: Confidential face- to-face sessions - phone or skype anywhere in the world. Request an appointment, email: info@sylviamarina.com



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